SafeCeliac is shutting down

I started SafeCeliac over 10 years ago, with a mission to share information about restaurants that really catered to a gluten-free diet. Back in 2007, it was hard to find restaurants that a Celiac could eat at, and most of my findings were from word-of-mouth recommendations or experimentation of my own.

So much has changed since then – I now have a wonderful young family (and a whole lot less time), we have many more restaurants that are catering to Celiacs (yeah!), and also many more ways to share information (such as Facebook and Twitter).

I’ve finally admitted to myself that I really haven’t been able to focus on this blog. And after a few hackers got into the blog (p.s. always keep your WordPress installation updated), I’ve decided it’s just best if I close the blog once and for all.

Thanks for the many comments and readers out there who shared tips of their own on SafeCeliac.

I’ll continue to share tips on Twitter ( when I find restaurants that are great for Celiacs.

p.s. If anyone is interested in the and domain, I’d be happy to transfer it to you if your intent is for helping folks with Celiac disease.

Safe eating!

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