Marbles – A New Menu

I hadn’t been to Marbles in a long time. But apparently their ownership changed, and I had heard they had a new menu.

The menu is really short, but this is really a good thing. But the best news is that their fryer is completely gluten free. 

On my first visit, I had a hamburger (with gluten free bun!), and really great French fries. It was a very good meal.

A few days later, I returned and had the fish and chips. Yes indeed, the fish is completely gluten free (breaded in a corn flour mix, and deep fried in the gluten free fryer). I haven’t had fish and chips since in 15 years (since before being diagnosed as a Celiac), and it was truly a fantastic meal. My only regret: I should have ordered two pieces of fish, not one!

All in all, Marbles is definitely worth a visit. The gluten free fryer is such an amazing treat for us Celiacs.

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