Want to write for Safe Celiac?

Want to share your own gluten-free dining tips for the Waterloo Region?

I’m looking for others that can contribute to this site by posting restaurant reviews and other dining information for Celiacs in KW.

If you’re interested, please get in touch by leaving a comment here, or contacting me on Twitter:@safeceliac.

5 thoughts on “Want to write for Safe Celiac?”

  1. Hi there,
    We are not a celiac family, we are a long list of no foods family. Our ten year old recently had to stop eating gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and so on… it is an enormous list. This website is a gift to us. We enjoy restaurants and are relieved we don’t have to give them all up!

  2. Thanks! Your suggestions are great! I would like to add that Red Ginger is good with Celiacs, they are great to deal with and their Thai Red Curries are for sure gluten free. They have GF symbols on the menu, we eat their nearly every week and never had a problem!

  3. Thank you for this website! Our 5 year old has just been diagnosed with Celiac and i was so. Happy to find this site. Also really happy to know we canf find a Pho soup that is GF as it is his favorite! Thank you for the help and reviews.

  4. I wanted to share our experiences of Goodness Me in Waterloo. Great place to get GF groceries, HOWEVER their hot counter is a Celiac nightmare! Lots of cross contamination and they put the GF dishes right against food with lots of flaky gluten goodness. My wife has been sick twice. I informed them about this, so hopefully they will tighten things up in the near future!

  5. I just had gluten free pizza at St Jacobs Market the other day. It was better than any pizza I’ve had since I discovered I have celiac and better than a lot of pizza I ate before hand. It was a small personal pizza but extremely filling, was about an inch tall with toppings but the crust was only 1/4 inch. The crust held up well, was crunchy and actually tasted good itself. Plus they had gluten free garlic dip. I told them that I had celiac and they made sure to put it on a separate plate in the oven. The box they served it in had a label of Gluten Free By Suzie, so if you’re not sure it’s the right pizza place ask about that.

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