Lancaster Smokehouse: Baked beans not GF

I’m a big fan of Hogtails and it’s big brother, the Lancaster Smokehouse.

I’ve written about the menu at Hogtails before, and many things are gluten free.  However, I recently found out that the baked beans are not gluten free at Lancaster Smokehouse.  They use beer in the recipe, and unfortunately it’s not GF-beer.

I haven’t been to Hogtails in a while (since the Lanc is much closer to me), so I’m not sure if the baked beans at Hogtails are still gluten-free.  Anyone know?

It brings up a good reminder to us all – always ask the chef about what’s in the food. Recipes change, staff changes, and some chefs make things different depending on the ingredients available.


2 thoughts on “Lancaster Smokehouse: Baked beans not GF”

  1. Hogtails beans are also made with beer. Majority of the recipes are the same between both restaurants. You can be pretty safe assuming that if something is not gluten free at the Lanc, it won’t be at hogtails either.

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