Taco Farm – Best restaurant for Celiacs!

If I had to pick the best restaurant in Waterloo for Celiacs, hands down it would be Taco Farm.

Everything on the menu (besides the dessert Churros) is gluten free. Yes, you read that correctly – everything.

Fried fish tacos? Gluten free. Fried chicken? Gluten free.

I mention the fried stuff first because, well…let’s face it: as Celiacs we rarely get fried anything, let alone battered fried chicken or fish. And it is divine!

But all the healthier options are gluten free too, including all the tacos (100% corn flour, made on site), all the toppings, all the sauces, and all the appetizers.

It really is the perfect restaurant to Celiacs. Here’s to hoping more restaurants will follow Taco Farm’s lead.

Go there. Now. You won’t regret it!

5 thoughts on “Taco Farm – Best restaurant for Celiacs!”

  1. Thanks for this tip! My family and I tried it and loved the food. Almost everything on the menu is gluten-free, the food is fresh and flavorful and the service prompt and friendly. Taco Farm will become a regular restaurant for us.

  2. Found your recommendation yesterday when we were ravenous during a road trip to Waterloo.
    Your write up gave us high expectations and confidence they would be at least mostly met. It takes celiacs to know one.

    When someone claims a GF food is amazing, it is. As meh or good sometimes happens but glowing reviews? Pretty much never.

    Taco Farm to a GF: I just crawled across the Sahara Desert of alternative flours and villages of meager grub, now finally I have arrived at the forbidden city. Riches abound, cups runneth over with wonderful GF cocktails, platters upon platters laid barren as we gorged in delight of the abundance.

    Fresh, farm ethical, local minded, non GMO corn, nice servers, serious and not phased by numerous allergy/dietary requirements, safe, knee buckling good, tortillas that taste and perform like soft, white corn tortillas should, creative, satisfying, cool vibe and decor, happy patrons, as good as high expectations. Taco. Farm.

    Thanks fantastic. Really

    A fantastic restaurant. Catered to our other allergies as well with zero problem.

  3. I ate at Taco Farm recently – 2016 – and I was gluttened. This seems amazing because they claim they are gluten free, however this was the only food I had eaten in the timeline for my symptoms. I will not be eating here again.

  4. Unfortunately Taco Farm isn’t all gluten-free, they make their churroes with wheat, although I’ve never ordered them and it is the only food that contains wheat, Ive had a gluten attack from Taco Farm.
    They say they use a separate fryer for them but I guess they just aren’t careful enough….

    Personally I’m very annoyed that literally everything else but their only desert is gluten-free. They are so close to being celiac safe, why not take the extra 1 step, geez.

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