Mozy’s Shawarma in Waterloo

Mozy’s Shawarma in Waterloo is such a great place to eat for Celiacs. Their chicken shawarma salad or shawarma plate (without the pita) is gluten free.

And most importantly, their fries are GF and cooked in their own fryer! Delicious!

Check it out. It’s on University at King, across from Wilfred Laurier.

2 thoughts on “Mozy’s Shawarma in Waterloo”

  1. Hey just so you’re aware, Mozy’s shawarma is fantastic for a lot of us, but I would definitely steer clear if your condition is rather sensitive. The pitas are quite often patted onto the roasting chicken to get some of the juices into the bread,meaning all of the chicken may be mixed with a bunch of pita-dust. The entire counter is a constant bread highway, with the same gloves grabbing, rolling, cutting pitas and vegetables and everything else all at once. If you are not concerned about small amounts, go wild. But if you do need to worry a bit, Mozy’s is not a good option.

  2. Last time I went to Mozy’s, their fries were coated in something and I was told they definitely weren’t gluten free!

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