Thai Bistro in Belmont Village

A few days ago I visited Thai Bistro in Belmont Village. As I tweeted (, there are a few options that are gluten free including the Singapore Noodles, all the curries, the Pho soup, and a variety of other soups.

Unfortunately the pad thai is not gluten free though.

I ordered a few dishes, including a red curry (chicken), singapore noodles, and mango salad. The red curry was quite good, with a good amount of spice too it and lots of vegetables. The singapore noodles were just ‘ok’ – not a lot of flavour and the noodles were a bit too al dente for my liking. Pouring some of the red curry sauce on them really kicked up the flavour though.

The mango salad was delicious, and the 2 slushees we ordered were a nice treat.

The restaurant is small and run by two people (perhaps husband and wife, though I’m not certain). This is quite nice because the woman that took my order also made the food! If anyone would know if there was wheat or soya sauce in the dishes I was asking about, it’d be her. At big chain restaurants, you are sometimes left guessing by the wait staff.

Next time I’ll be trying the Pho soup!

All in all, I would highly recommend Thai Bistro. Have you been there? What did you think?

Update (April 30, 2011): The sweet & sour chicken (#39) and spicy Thai coconut sauce with shrimp (#40) are also gluten free. Note: their menu is changing next week. Stay tuned…

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